[after waves surging, condensing "new" cohesion] longtaidi carries out induction training to "charge and empower" the growth of new employees


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Yangchun budeze, all things shine. In this bright spring full of vitality and hope, we are glad to welcome a group of vigorous "houlang". They join the longtedie family with passion and dream, and set sail from here with yearning and pursuit.

Quench and refine gold, train and refine soldiers. In order to help the new employees of the sales department integrate into the team as soon as possible, improve their professional skills, improve their business level, quickly enter the combat state, and forge a high-quality sales team, the company has organized a one month induction training since mid March 2021, to empower and harden the company, and to build a strong force to expand the market.

1618125076978079387.jpgThe training was highly valued by the company's leaders. Chairman Wang Chunjian and executive director Zheng Guofu came to the training site in person and sent messages to boost morale; All functional departments actively cooperate and provide strong support for the smooth development of the training work.

On behalf of the company, Mr. Wang extended a warm welcome to the new employees. Wang Dong said that longtaidi always adheres to the enterprise philosophy of "sincerity, sincerity and excellence", adheres to the quality commitment and the inheritance of ingenuity, and gradually realizes diversified development and whole chain integration in the field of pipeline equipment manufacturing. At present, the company is in the stage of rapid development. As the leading department of the company, the sales department is an important system of the company's operation, carrying the hope and dream of the company; The company has always attached great importance to the training of new employees, providing a platform for new employees to learn and develop, encouraging and supporting their career growth, and placing great hope on every new employee. We hope that the new employees will be brave and enterprising on the big platform provided by longtaidi, become the shining stars to help the company's business development, realize their career ideals and values, and achieve the sustainable development and leap of the company!


Mr. Zheng said that the addition of new employees has added new vitality and injected a new force into longtaidi. I hope you will cherish the training opportunities and platforms, seriously study and research, ensure the effectiveness of the training, play a pioneering and dare to work responsibility in the future work, to create, to stick to, to break, to forge ahead bravely, and to create brilliance with the company.

This training is taught by the person in charge of the company's relevant functional departments and sales department. They carefully prepared lessons in their busy schedule, adhered to the principles of practicality and professionalism, and carefully arranged business-related courses by combining theory with practice. The training covers the company's development strategy, rules and regulations of the sales department and business processes, the company's main product knowledge and quality standards, basic business writing (contracts, letters, tenders, etc.), legal knowledge, financial management and other aspects of knowledge, aiming to help new employees learn from multiple dimensions and levels, and better understand the company's business scope, Improve the compliance awareness, increase the basic knowledge of product quality, so as to improve the skills and ability of customer service.

During the training period, in order to make new employees have a comprehensive and profound understanding of the products, the company arranged new employees to have a week-long observation and study in each workshop, so as to further understand the on-site production, processing process and production technology. The person in charge of production in each workshop explained in detail the production equipment, production process, products, production lines, as well as the production nodes of each process one by one. The new employees witnessed the culture, production strength and standardized production process of longtaidi, understood the production process, and paid attention to the company's technical strength and environmental protection, I admire the efforts and investment in practicing green production, so I have a deeper understanding and recognition of the company, and a clearer direction and goal for my career.

During the training, the new staff have a high enthusiasm for learning. They should think carefully according to the instructor's teaching rhythm, actively participate in discussion and exchange, and take notes accordingly. They have said that this round of "charging empowerment" has benefited them a lot, and will play a great help and promotion role in the future work. They will join the company and team as soon as possible, strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations in the future work, and rush to the front line of sales with the high-quality fighting fighting spirit of "yellow sand battle and gold armor", and become the new force to support the development and growth of the company as soon as possible, and contribute to the high-quality development of the company!