Today's equinox,The day and the night are equinox, and the road of spring is getting brighter


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Today's equinox

Spring equinox rain feet fall slightly

Willow bank slanting wind swallow returns

It's 17:37 today

We usher in the vernal equinox

The vernal equinox is half of yin and Yang,

Both day and night are cold and hot.

On this day, the length of day and night is average,

In the spring, half of the nineties,

So it's called the equinox,

Since then, the days have been long and the nights short.


On the fourth day of the middle of spring

The green field wanders the moon, the sunny day is intermittent

Spring breeze into my heart, there are flowers.

Curling willow wind, little rain back to the pond.

All things in the world have different colors,

Spring gives all things space to grow,

Let each of them be beautiful and coexist vigorously,

Finally, the United States and the United States were realized,

The achievements are picturesque.


Harmonious coexistence, harmony but difference

The middle, the right, the United States and the Communist Party

Spring, soft spring,

Everything in the world is always the unity of opposites,

Just like this solar term in the name of Fen,

But everywhere there is the beauty of harmony,

In the traditional Chinese culture,

The philosophy and wisdom of "harmony".

"The middle is the foundation of the world.",

It contains the principle of Zhongzheng and Shouzheng, and represents the virtue of heaven and earth.

It's a gentleman's grace,

It is also the wisdom of communication with coordination and degree.

This is harmonious coexistence, harmony but difference, beauty and common.

May the motherland be prosperous and prosperous, and China take off!


Light grows, and all things grow

It's the right time to work hard

Spring equinox, spring water, spring forest. Spring sows the seeds of hope, autumn will be able to appreciate the joy of harvest. We are all witnesses, pioneers and builders of the new era. Let's meet with people with the same ideals one after another in the spring. Let's unite as one, cooperate with each other, be down-to-earth and work hard to write the connotation and extension of "unite and revitalize China".

A hundred flowers strive for beauty, but not a good spring. Longteddy people with hope are facing the spring breeze, full of confidence and full of vigor, working hard in their respective posts to advance towards the goal of the new year.

Long Taidi wishes you, who are always running and struggling in the warm spring wind, a boundless spring in your heart, a happy horse's hoof disease in your eyes!