[today's Valley rain] good rain produces all kinds of valleys, and all things are at the right time


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The rain in the valley is bright in spring, and the mountains are dark and green. At 4:33 on April 20, 2021, we ushered in the sixth of the 24 solar terms - Guyu.

In spring, the grass is green, and the rain gives birth to a hundred grains. So far, spring is far away, summer is coming, and everything is growing vigorously.


A good rain produces a hundred grains, and all things are at the right time. Guyu is the last solar term in spring. It is the most beautiful April day in the world. At this time, the earth is thriving and full of vigor, and everything is growing up in the sun. It is the most suitable time to sow hope and sprout new machines.

Just when the rain cleared up, the spring returned. Although the time sequence has entered the late spring, all the prosperity has just begun. If you do things in March or April, you will have an answer in August or September. Only by working hard and being pragmatic, can we have an unexpected harvest in the golden autumn.

Don't wait for the rain, till spring. Hope has been sown in spring, I wish you and I keep up with the pace of spring, with full love for the years, step forward, cherish the spring, work hard, do not ask the harvest, move forward, constantly seek, define beauty with struggle, compose a new chapter, and hand in excellent high score answers.