[February 2 dragon looks up] spring dragon looks up


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On February 2, the dragon looks up

Today is the second day of the second lunar month

Dragon head Festival, a traditional Chinese festival

Spring dragon's head, earth's spring, everything's recovery

All the good things I've been looking forward to

They are all hidden in the struggle of marching forward with high head


Take advantage of the wind to see mountains and rivers

The new blueprint is exciting and the new journey has a bright future. The second decade of struggle has begun. Longtaidi will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "pursuit of excellence, innovation and development" and the core values of "sincerity, honesty and excellence". In the new journey of pursuing dreams, longtedie will hold its head high, strive to be the first, take the lead, seize the momentum and write a new chapter of development.


Chunlong is looking forward to the struggle at the right time

Cattle fight fertile ground bow, long SA Gan Lin bravely raised his head. On February 2, blessed by the spring dragon, Longtaidi wishes you, who are striving hard, to take the long wind to break the waves, to set sail for a long voyage, to dare to set the tide, to write your ambition, and to bravely carry the dragon head for nine days!