Longtaidi is invited to participate in the sixth Cangzhou college graduates' employment market


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On April 17, the sixth employment market for college graduates in Cangzhou was successfully held in the city stadium. The job market, sponsored by the municipal government and undertaken by the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, is a public welfare recruitment fair for college and secondary school graduates in the past. It is an important part of the in-depth implementation of the "three fold, four creation and five optimization" activity. In order to fulfill the social responsibilities of enterprises, attract more excellent talents and help the 2021 college graduates graduate smoothly and get employment as soon as possible, longtaidi Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd. actively responded to the call and was invited to participate in this activity.


Talents strengthen enterprises, and "wisdom" wins the future. As a high-tech enterprise in pipeline equipment manufacturing industry,longtaidialways puts the construction of talent team and technology research and development ability in the first place. According to this year's development plan and employment demand, we have provided engineers, machining workers, clerks, merchandisers, accountants and other high-quality jobs for this job fair, which will supplement fresh blood for the development of enterprises and reserve human resources.

The person in charge of Human Resources Department of longtaidi arrived at the job fair early in the morning with the recruitment team. The venue was full of people and the atmosphere was active. Director Wang personally distributed recruitment leaflets, patiently asked the job seekers about their personal information and professional skills, and introduced them to the company's general situation, corporate culture, business strength, development status and future planning; They also enthusiastically answered the relevant questions of job seekers, and explained in detail the career promotion channels, job responsibilities, salary, welfare policies, etc.


As a leading strength enterprise in the industry, there is an endless stream of job seekers coming to longtaidi booth for consultation. They took the initiative to communicate with our recruiters and expressed their yearning for our development prospects and jobs. Among them, there are many outstanding students from Hebei water conservancy and Electric Power College, Cangzhou Normal University and other local colleges and universities, and a considerable proportion of graduate students have enthusiastically submitted their resumes and filled in the job application forms. The whole recruitment activity lasted for one morning. More than 100 recruitment brochures were distributed on the spot. More than 60 job seekers were received at the booth, and many resumes of high-quality talents with excellent character and learning were received. The HR department will select and arrange interviews for the received resumes according to the company's job requirements. Since its establishment, longtaidi has not only created benefits, but also shouldered social responsibility, opened employment opportunities to the society for a long time, and actively recruited college graduates and job seekers to work and develop in longtaidi.

"Ask the canal that clear so, for there is a source of water.". At present, the company is in a period of benign and rapid development, and the demand for talents is becoming more and more urgent. The company will continue to carry forward the spirit of the new era of consciously fulfilling social responsibilities, increase the recruitment of talents, actively provide more employment channels for key groups such as college graduates and rural migrant workers, continue to provide a broader platform for young people with dreams to display their talents, and show their social responsibilities and actions as an excellent enterprise, To make new contributions to the economic and social development of Cangzhou City.

If you don't go to the scene, you can sign up through wechat or telephone. In longtaidi, you will get the environment and space for continuous growth, professional quality and skills for continuous improvement, self-worth and life dream for continuous display! Come to join us, work together with us to create a wonderful future!

1. Salary and welfare: monthly salary 3000-6000 yuan + monthly performance, five insurances, including board and lodging

2. Salary and welfare of 10 machining workers: 5000-12000 yuan per month, five insurances, including board and lodging

3. Salary and welfare of 3 engineers: monthly salary 5000-10000 yuan + monthly performance, five insurances, including board and lodging

4. 2 merchandisers, salary and welfare: monthly salary 3000-7000 yuan + monthly performance, five insurances, including board and lodging

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