A new journey begins in 2022 —New Year flag raising ceremony was held in Longtaidi Pipe Technology Co. Ltd


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With the sun rising in the first day of 2022, Chairman Wang and employee attended the flag-rising ceremony in Longtaidi Pipe Technology Co. Ltd



Company chairman Wang Chunjian who on behalf of the board of directors expresses heartfelt thanks and good New Year wishes to all the staff who were fighting in the production line and hard work in their respective positions.

During the past 2021 year, we overcame the COVID impact of the outbreak and the challenge of fierce market competition, we made great progress, and made great achievements to prove ourselves. He especially emphasizes the opportunity and the challenge we meet.

In 2022, we will continue to deep into the field of industrial pipe fittings, insist on both the domestic and foreign markets, to create a more brilliant performance and achieve the goal of common prosperity.


The chairman emphasized that on the basis of maintaining the original advantages in market development, we have made new breakthroughs in a number of national key projects.

The production capacity has been greatly improved, and the production site management has been improved. Over the past year, six utility model patents have been obtained. Our management work has been comprehensively strengthened.

At the same time, we have been paying attention to all kinds of risk identification and control, to strengthen the safety production, environmental protection, fire control work, a general accident did not happen all year round.

In the past year, all the staff of Longtaidi Group have worked together to overcome difficulties and forge ahead bravely.

Every achievement and harvest embodies the wisdom and sweat of all Longtaidi staff, and we are deeply pleased and proud.


The New Year is a new beginning, and the company will start a new development in 2022. We believe that we can grow together with our employees!